videc is a boutique advisory and analytics firm, dedicated to the world’s largest industry: travel, tourism and hospitality.*

We accelerate commercial entry and expansion of brands into Asia Pacific – the fastest growing and largest travel marketplace. Our business optimization services, regional representation, benchmarking and data analysis combine to provide competitive advantage.

videc’s clients benefit from its founding partners’ decades of travel industry experience in consumer and B2B research, business development, education and media.

*10% of global GDP: World Travel & Tourism Council


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videc’s ATLAS has catalogued 25,000+ companies across the entire travel industry value chain worldwide. We deliver an in-depth, high-quality, latest and ready-to-use database of travel companies.


videc supports and optimizes mid- and back-end processes, and offers economic and scalable solutions in a plug-and-play format.


We bring efficiency and agility to process-centric tasks and complement the subject-matter experts.


videc transforms latent travel and tourism data into actionable insights.

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