This is Your No-Nonsense Guide to Discover Travel Startups, according to videc’s Chetan Kapoor

By Chetan Kapoor, Co-founder & COO, videc

The travel industry is a maze with thousands of suppliers and distributors. Within this narrative, startups are sprouting across all segments and technologies to disrupt the status-quo. Some of them are even aiming to be the next unicorn.

In my decade of analyzing the digital travel industry and particularly startups, I have been overwhelmed – and often bombarded – by the existing framework to discover new companies. Innumerable e-mail alerts, press releases, company briefings, newsletter sign-ups, media spotlights, conferences, hackathons, incubators, accelerators, labs, online repositories, etc. aided my search to identify, connect and learn about the new players. Add layers of languages, translations, paywalls and misinformation, and the simple desire to unearth new startups and understand their objectives became ever-so-complex.

These constraints ultimately emerged as our problem statement: MAKE DISCOVERY OF TRAVEL STARTUPS EASY.

With this in mind, we designed videc’s Startups Periodical, a monthly catalogue of digital travel, tourism and hospitality startups worldwide. The idea is to not only list startups and categorize them, but also to showcase the competitive landscape across product lines, technologies and geographies.

Fundamentals behind videc’s Startups Periodical:

  1. Travel Knows Travel: Most online databases are generic and extremely horizontal. They often lose out on industry segments and sub-categories, which we as an industry have come to accept, understand and constantly refine.
  2. One Place to Have them All: Most startups get buried after a news cycle is over. Even more lack visibility. videc’s Startups Periodical is the central platform for travel startups to be listed. New companies will be added on a monthly basis, subject to them being 5 years or younger.
  3. Free Access: The ever-growing videc’s Startups Periodical is free. No click-baits or sign-up required.
  4. Get Listed! Reach out to us on

Click the below to view videc’s Asia Pacific Startups Periodical.

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videc’s U.S. and European Startups Periodical can be found here.

 [Chetan Kapoor is the co-founder of videc, a boutique travel industry advisory and analytics firm. Visit for more information.]

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