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VIDEC, a travel industry focused advisory and analytics firm, performed an analysis of 70 airlines across six continents to track airlines’ readiness in deploying traveler safety and health protocols onboard.

The analysis found that 88% of Middle East airlines and 70% of Asia Pacific airlines have already enacted pre-boarding traveller temperature checks. 33% of Asia Pacific commercial airlines also enforce that travellers declare their recent health details. By comparison, only 31% of North American airlines introduced thermal scanning, and (with the exception of Southwest Airlines) most do not demand that travellers declare their health information.

The use of face masks and hand sanitisers was found to be the most pervasive safety protocol implemented by airlines globally. They are also considered the most recommended passenger safety measure by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as it reduces the risk of contagion in the airport and onboard.

Virendra Jain, co-founder and CEO, VIDEC, stated, “The world around us has changed in the last three months. A prominent question on travellers’ mind these days is, how safe is it to travel in the COVID-19 environment? Governments have introduced a flurry of health and safety norms to curb transmission and ensure traveler safety. While the travel industry has implemented several measures, they vary widely by cities and countries, leaving travellers confused and anxious.”

The analysis is based on data from Safe Travel Barometer – a comprehensive traveller safety intelligence dashboard, covering 360 travel companies such as airlines, airports, hotels, cruise, amusement parks; and 70 destinations.

Explore more companies and their traveler safety and health protocols on the Safe Travel Barometer.

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