M&A activity in world travel exceeded 2019 levels

Investment bank Cambon Partners introduces the first M&A tracker of travel industry in collaboration with VIDEC. Starting from 2022 to 3Q23, these two years have seen 423 mergers & acquisitions compared to 389 back in the 2018 to 3Q19 period.

Cambon Partners, the travel investment bank based in France and VIDEC, India-based travel research company, have recently collaborated to publish the first tracker covering mergers and acquisitions of the industry today globally, providing serious perceptions around industry multiples and deal valuations.

The highpoints from the tracker disclose the following:

From 2014 to 3Q23, a total of 1,758 travel companies were sold.

The total value of the 382 contracts where estimates are available reaches US$212 billion.

North America with 38% and Europe with 42% remain the center of M&A activity in the decade.

Post-COVID situation, M&A activity is rising: as in 2022, 423 companies changed hands in comparison to 389 during 2018-3Q19.

While mentioning on the data Morgann Lesné, Travel Lead & Partner at Cambon Partners, said that they are happy to declare about the launch of The Travel M&A Database in collaboration with VIDEC, whose proficiency in developing markets is supreme. For M&A in travel, the understandings from the database shows Europe to be the most active region, with 212 deals in 2022–3Q23 compared to 154 deals pre-pandemic.

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