How Safe Are Indonesian Airlines from COVID-19?

Jakarta -Safe Travel Barometer has re-released airline safety ratings from COVID-19. What about airlines from Indonesia? In the midst of a pandemic like now, health protocols are the main requirements that every tourism stakeholder must have. The aviation industry is no exception.

The global Safe Travel Barometer institute also routinely evaluates the readiness of aviation industry stakeholders regarding health protocols, such as temperature measurement activities, the obligation to use masks and others.

Seen detik Travel, Thursday (17/9/2020). There are a number of major Indonesian airlines that are included in the survey from the Safe Travel Barometer. Where each has a different score than the total number of perfect scores (5).

The following are the names of the airlines and their scores regarding the readiness of the health protocols on board:

1. Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia won a score of 3.42 or one of the highest among Indonesian airlines. This state-owned airline is known to have implemented temperature checks, the use of masks, hand sanitizers and health documents as conditions that must be carried out.

2. AirAsia Indonesia

Like Garuda Indonesia, AirAsia Indonesia also received a pretty good score regarding the readiness of health protocols with a score of 3.52 or above Garuda Indonesia.

3. Citilink Indonesia

Then there is the Citilink Indonesia airline which won a score of 3.19 or medium. A number of health protocol requirements have also been met by this sister airline of Garuda Indonesia.

4. Indonesian Air Batik

There is also Batik Air airline in the Safe Travel Barometer survey with a score of 2.47 or below medium. The airline is said to have completed the mandatory requirements for wearing masks, hand sanitizers and health documents. However, it is said to have not included temperature measurements in the data.

5. Lion Air Indonesia

Finally, there is Lion Air Indonesia with a score of 2.18 or the lowest of all airlines. According to the Safe Travel Barometer, Lion Air has not implemented temperature measurements and the obligation to fill out health documents for its passengers.

These are a number of Indonesian airlines that have entered the global survey of the Safe Travel Barometer. If it can be a reference for all travelers.

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