How Risky Is Travel Right Now? Here’s What Experts Say

By Christopher Elliott

COVID-19 cases are falling. More people are getting vaccinated. So how risky is travel now?

Experts say that it’s generally still too dangerous. And the government agrees. Noting that the number of COVID-19 cases is still “extremely” high, the Centers for Disease Control has maintained its current travel warning.

But that may be changing sooner than you think. If enough Americans receive a vaccine and if cases continue to drop, there’s a slight chance we can salvage spring break. There’s a so-so chance summer travel will be back on, and a strong possibility that things will look almost normal by the Christmas holidays.

“I’m eager to get back to traveling,” says Walter G. Meyer, author of the book, If You Weren’t Here, This Would Not Be Happening. “But not at the risk of my life or — or at the risk of getting other people sick.”

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