Flying despite Corona: These are the safest airlines in Europe

“Safe Travel Barometer” examined airlines across Europe for their safety and hygiene standards in the corona pandemic. Above all, Lufthansa convinces with the protective measures and the travel comfort.

Miriam Keilbach 12/18/2020

Air travel in Corona times – this is currently not undisputed because of the risk of contracting Covid-19. However, there are some airlines that are less likely to contract the novel coronavirus than others. This is the result of a study by the “Safe Travel Barometer ” initiative, an association of 250 airlines worldwide.

One German airline did particularly well among the 73 airlines in Europe evaluated: Lufthansa took the win! Five points were achieved in the ranking, Lufthansa secured the top value of 4.2.

Iberia has the best corona hygiene protocol

A total of 28 points were evaluated in the three categories of corona hygiene and corona protection protocol, travel comfort and service excellence, which were weighted differently. Important: Not only impressions of travelers themselves are evaluated, but also decisive points in booking behavior, such as whether a traveler decided for or against an airline based on certain criteria.

In the case of the Lufthansa Group, “Safe Travel Barometer” particularly praised the fact that corona tests are advertised before departure and in some cases even offered. Spain’s Iberia and British Virgin Airlines came in second with 4.1 points each. Easyjet, Eurowings, Air France, TAP Air Portugal, Ryanair and Austrian Airlines each get 4.0 points.

Of the 73 airlines examined in Europe, only nine managed to achieve at least four of the five points in the November 2020 investigation period. This puts Europe at the bottom of the world after the USA. According to the initiators, this is also related to the non-corona-relevant areas of service and comfort.

Binter Canarias dominates low-cost airlines when it comes to corona security

This is especially exciting when you look at the individual ratings. The Spanish airline Iberia only comes in second, but is the leader in terms of corona guidelines with 91 percent. Lufthansa followed in second place with 88 percent in terms of the Corona guidelines, and Binter Canarias came in third with 85 percent – but only got 3.4 points overall. EasyJet is ahead of the budget airlines with 4.0 points, but the airline owes its good result above all to travel comfort. While the other low-cost airlines in this category only achieve poor values, EasyJet comes up with 94 percent. When it comes to corona security, the airline falls far behind at 72 percent.

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