CSMIA Rated High Amongst Top Global Airports by Safe Travel Barometer

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has been rated amongst top airports around the globe by the Safe Travel Barometer for the health and safety measures adopted by the airport in the wake of the pandemic. Rated amongst 400 global airports, CSMIA received a Safe Travel Score of 4.3, with 4.4 being the highest, highlighting the scale of the measures adopted by the airport against the pandemic as well as the efficient implementation, maintenance and communication of these initiatives to the passengers.

CSMIA was rated for its COVID-19 testing facility, thermal screening measures, its efforts to promote a contactless journey like the remote check-in facility, installation of plexiglass on counters, social distancing measures incorporated across the airport, and for its regular disinfection of high-touch surface areas. Safe Travel Barometer is considered the world’s largest and most comprehensive database of COVID-19 health and safety protocols followed by airports, airlines, cruises, hotels and many more within the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. Besides receiving a high rating amongst the international airports, CSMIA was also recognized for being the safest amongst all airports within the Asia-Pacific region, ranking second after Singapore.

CSMIA stepped up the safety measures typically followed at the airport in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Adhering the various government as well as regulatory norms, CSMIA ensures stringent screening of passengers as well as personnel, social distancing, mandatory compliance with wearing face masks and other necessary PPEs, sanitization, and disinfection processes amongst many others. Innovating its use of technology, CSMIA worked relentlessly towards providing passengers a contactless experience right from entry to the terminal until boarding. The airport also adopted several other initiatives like the installation of glass partitions to minimize face-to-face interactions between airport personnel and passengers, strategic placement of hand sanitizers through the airport premise, sanitization of cabs and stringent screening of cab drivers to name a few.

Since the advent of the global pandemic, CSMIA has extended every effort to provide a safe haven for passengers at the airport. With stringent Standard Operating measures in place, the airport strives to cater to the holistic safety requirements of its passengers right from the time they arrive at the airport by adhering to international standards of safety. CSMIA was the first Indian airport to be accredited under the ACI’s Health Accreditation programme. The latest safety rating only solidifies CSMIA’s efforts towards passenger safety and an efficient transit through the airport.

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