Cleartrip resurrects Flipkart’s ‘kidults’

By Alokananda Chakraborty

Flipkart-owned Cleartrip hopes to replicate that success with the new campaign that kicks off on Monday.

The “kidults” you spotted in Flipkart ads at a time when consumer awareness about e-commerce was relatively low will now pop up in online travel aggregator Cleartrip’s advertisements to double down on the advantages of making travel bookings. “We want to convey that the same tenets of Flipkart’s biggest deals on travel are now available on Cleartrip,” says Kunal Dubey, CMO, Cleartip. “This campaign will also help customers relate to Cleartrip as a Flipkart company.”

Back in the day, there was tremendous unease among consumers with regards to online shopping. E-commerce brands faced the challenge to dispel consumer concerns about quality and safety, while underscoring their ease of use. Flipkart achieved this with great success using a series of clutter-breaking ads featuring kids behaving as adults, their idiosyncrasies and all, that became its standard advertising template since 2010-11.

Flipkart-owned Cleartrip hopes to replicate that success with the new campaign that kicks off on Monday. “Travel is been a high-involvement category with a long decision-making lead time. With The Big Billion Days (TBBD), we want to challenge that with the best deals and the best flexibility options, and pose a question to consumers: ‘why would you not book travel impulsively’?” says Dubey.

The company says that since its acquisition by Flipkart, it has moved to the second spot in its market from the fourth spot (as per an industry benchmarking study by VIDEC) and has seen its market share grow 1.5 times. However, OTA as an industry has not evolved much in the last decade, believes Dubey. There is still a large section of the travellers that remain untapped. The company hopes that with ‘kidults’ explaining the ease of making an online travel booking when prices tend to surge during the year-end holiday season, prospective buyers will be able to make up their minds about travel with as little trouble as they do while shopping online.

Flipkart’s TBBD will be live between October 8 and 15, but the sale on the Cleartrip platform will kick off on October 7.

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