AITS Payments
PhocusWire: Which payment methods are accepted by airline apps?

As consumers diversify how they pay for things – using everything from debit and credit cards to PayPal and WeChat Pay, airline apps need to broaden their payment offerings.

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AITS Ancillaries Comparison
PhocusWire: Low-cost carrier apps benefiting from diverse ancillary offerings
As travelers grow accustomed to individualized offerings - paying for things like insurance, baggage and seat and meal selection separately - airlines stand to gain by unbundling services. According to research from videc, which analyzed airline apps on Android devices,...
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AITS Mobile Shopping
PhocusWire: What airlines stand to gain from better mobile apps?
Many airline mobile apps in the Asia Pacific region are still in their infancy when it comes to the search and booking process. According to videc research that examined 51 Android-based airline apps, 98% of APAC airline apps have an...
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