The world belongs to entrepreneurs – it always did, it always will. Entrepreneurs are usually well-versed with their underlining offerings: product prototype, core tech and the market know-how. However, many do a shabby job in projecting key strategic metrics such as addressable opportunity, industry trends and intelligence.

With a singular focus on the travel, tourism and hospitality industry, videc mentors a curated pool of travel startups for gratis to deliver compelling investor & industry pitches.


Accurate market sizing and a trending narrative are prerequisites of a compelling pitch deck. Often, investors may like your idea but are unable to figure out the business case. Even industry veterans may find merit in the idea but are left flummoxed owing to the missing, incorrect market intelligence proffered in the pitch deck.

Accurate SIZING AND TRENDING implies a sound understanding of the business. Nothing beats data. Numbers always hit the sweet spot with potential investors and advisors. videc's gratis service of SIZING AND TRENDING brings in credibility for travel startup entrepreneurs by undertaking a thorough review of their financial guidance and creation of persuasive pitch decks. For the investor community, videc brings in objectivity to the financial and sizing metrics.



Review startup’s pitch with a primary focus on the sizing and trending slides.

Big Picture

Big Picture


Develop size of the market opportunity, past-present-future trending ⎯ for gratis.



Create crisp, accurate and impressive decks.


An objective business, sizing assessment to woo – and wow – investors.


The qualifying criteria for videc's MENTORSHIP program is listed below.


Product/service should either be live

or in beta state.


Must have raised:

Pre-series A | Series A

Series B


Asia Pacific | Europe

Middle East | North America

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