videc’s ATLAS has catalogued 25,000+ companies across the entire travel industry value chain worldwide. Most would be familiar with the top players across various segments. But seldom does anybody recall tertiary players, even within their core segments.


The travel industry’s dynamic retailing environment, technological advances and capital infusion breeds new players – precisely when we thought the industry has had enough. videc constantly monitors and catalogues these changes in ATLAS to deliver an in-depth, high-quality, latest and ready-to-use database of travel companies.

How many TRAVEL STARTUPS are there?

How many CHANNEL MANAGERS are there?

How many OTAs are there?

Which are the major search engines in your go-to markets?

Where do I source my hotel content from?



videc enables travel brands to accelerate their sales and market expansion, go-to-market strategies, corporate development, and gauge the competitive landscape.

Business Optimization Services

Videc's team of highly experienced professionals have deep domain expertise and an analytical approach to problem solving

The Consultant's Briefcase

Videc offers to assist consultants to manage their projects effectively, by handling process-centric tasks on their behalf.


Videc endeavors to transform the travel industry data to uncover actionable insights.