Mobile continues to eat the world. Travel companies are racing to be part of the rapidly evolving and often overwhelming mobile reality, from product discovery to shopping, marketing to retailing to loyalty – some better than others, some faster than others.

Airlines are a core aspect of travelers’ journeys worldwide. With more travelers taking flights than ever before, it is critical for airlines to offer an on-the-go platform to serve their passengers’ needs any time, any place. videc’s APP IN THE SKY airline app benchmarking is an industry-first initiative to track airlines’ readiness and capabilities in the dynamic and competitive mobile app landscape.


videc's APP IN THE SKY airline app benchmarking evaluates more than 50 airline Android mobile applications across 50+ parameters. Click the thumbnails below to view the insights in an infographic format. E-mail us at for feedback or data requests.

AITS Mobile Shopping
AITS Ancillaries
AITS Payments
AITS Customer Support
AITS Mobile Shopping Comparison
AITS Ancillaries Comparison
AITS In-Flight Ancillaries Comparison
AITS Product Inclusion Comparison
AITS Travel Itinerary Comparison

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